Hope Radio Podcast

The “Hope Radio Podcast” is husband and wife co-hosted podcast about stories, profiles and interviews of courage, triumph and perseverance. 

Everyone needs HOPE but sometimes HOPE is hard to find.  There are far too many outlets for people to consume negative information in todays world. Whether it is news headlines, magazine covers, books or millions of negative internet sites it is so easy to find information that can get you down or unsettle you.  There is change, uncertainty and a general feeling of unease that everyone shares given the challenges created by a worldwide pandemic.  Sometimes finding hope can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack the size of Texas!

Shawn and Jen Davis, husband and wife high school sweethearts, created the Hope Radio Podcast to bring HOPE to others by sharing stories and interviews about people overcoming adversity and challenges to rise higher and often…THRIVE after their setbacks.  The idea being that if someone listening to the podcast could hear that Sally Smith overcame the loss of her only child to still find happiness and joy in life, then maybe they can overcome the challenge(s) that they are facing.  Somebody might be encouraged and find hope in listening to Jim Johnson’s story of losing his business and going bankrupt but it actually lead him to finding his purpose in life and helping others through a non-profit he created after the setback. Sometimes setbacks turn into set-ups for something better.  There is often unimaginable beauty and goodness that can come from the ashes of defeat.  This is a podcast about those kinds of stories! It is “Real people, Real Stories, REAL HOPE.”

New Episodes every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9AM PST! – We will fuel the beginning of your week with HOPE!