Hope Radio Podcast

The Hope Radio Podcast was a seed planted in the spirit of Shawn Davis back in 2011.  Shawn was doing a one-hour weekend radio show on investments at the time and he had a dream that God wanted him to do a show about HOPE.  At the time, Shawn had no idea what to do with what he felt God had planted in his spirit.  He shared the dream with Jen and she also thought it was an awesome idea but didn’t know to make it work.  Shawn also shared it with a good friend of theirs who loved the idea and actually encouraged them by had a wooden sign made that said “Hope Radio.”  Shawn continued to do his investment radio show for another 7 years where the “Hope Radio” sign hung in his studio as a constant reminder of that dream he had years ago.

In 2018 Shawn decided that his time in the financial services industry had come to an end. He felt like God was calling him to do something else with his life and to move on.  He was able to transition his practice to a good friend and leave the business completely by January of 2019.  His next endeavor was flipping houses with his wife Jen and their four boys.  Think of them like the California version of Chip and Joanna Gaines! They flipped 5 houses in 2019 and were on track to flip another 4-6 houses in 2020.  Then the pandemic hit!

About a week into the first quarantine of the pandemic, Shawn was once again flooded with a feeling in his spirit telling him…HOPE RADIO!!  Shawn will say that God needed to plant that seed in him 9 years previous so he would absolutely recognize the significance and importance of it when the time came to act on it.  As it turned out, Shawn and Jen still had a radio studio and all the equipment necessary to do a podcast.  They also now had the TIME necessary to do a show on HOPE given the quarantines.  It was also the perfect time for a show on HOPE given the uncertainty created by the pandemic.  They knew that people would feel anxious, unsettled, uncomfortable and uneasy given the pandemic, social unrest, natural disasters, an election year and they knew they could do something about it with their personalities and voices.  The “HOPE RADIO PODCAST” was officially born on March 27, 2020.

Community:  The HOPE RADIO PODCAST community is an incredible assembly of “Hope Dealers” and connected listeners.  With over 100 shows available, the community of both interviewed guests and podcast listeners continues to grow.  We are getting messages that the stories shared have helped others persevere through their life’s challenges.  We are hearing through interviewed guests that in telling their stories, they too have grown and found a new perspective in how these challenges have allowed them to recognize that sometimes the mess becomes a message for others.  They too have been able to reflect on how many of the challenges and setbacks they have faced have lead to blessings in disguise.  To plug into the community, please follow us on Instagram. You can also subscribe to the Hope Radio Podcast wherever you happen to listen to podcasts.